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As you start to think about your student search campaigns for fall of 2017, you should be looking at social media to enhance the effectiveness of your search and improve your ROI. Facebook, in particular offers some low cost and even some free tools to improve your engagement with your search suspects. Here are three ways social media can help improve your search campaigns

Social Data To Help Inform Your Communication Strategies
Once you’ve purchased your search names, upload them to Facebook as a custom audience. Once you’ve done that you’ll get all kinds of great data about your suspects ranging from simple demographics to interests, consumer behavior and online activity. There are a number of ways this data can be useful to you (and we’d love to discuss them with you!) not the least of which is gaining a better understanding of who your suspect audience is and how to better engage them. Some examples of the things you can learn about your audience include…

  • Lifestyle categories (provided by Acxiom’s Personicx)
  • Whether they are more or less prone to engage in certain ways (Page Likes, Comments, Ad Clicks) than average Facebook users
  • Favorite movies, music, food, etc. (imagine how much this can help your Open House planning!)
Social Media Search Campaigns
Now that you have your audience loaded as a Custom Audience in Facebook you can start using social media as part of your search campaign strategy. For a minimal increased spend you can run ads to supplement your email and print outreach, promote relevant page posts to target your search suspects, and promote your page to increase the relevance of your Likes. Twitter offers the same feature and calls it “Tailored Audiences”. And with Facebook’s Pixel and Twitter’s conversion tracking you can easily measure your success right up through enrollment conversions.

Test Communication Strategies With Your Audience
With the relatively low cost of social ads and the ability to target your audience so directly, social media gives you a great opportunity to test things that can help inform your email and print campaigns. For example, you can set up an initial awareness ad, with the objective of getting clicks to your website, using different images and copy that focuses on different core messaging. Monitoring the success of that campaign will help you understand which messages and which images resonate best with your audience. Carry that over to your email and print campaigns for better ROI!

So make sure social media is a key part of your search strategy for your 2017 incoming class. Campus Share is here to help and would love to discuss additional ideas to help you Engage Your Audience!

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