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With yield season in full swing here are some ideas to utilize Facebook Groups to help engage your admits

Set Up An Admitted Student Group (If You Haven’t Already)

Many admissions offices have been doing this for quite a while now and know the incredible benefits. But, just in case, if you’re not already, you’ll want to do this. Admitted student Facebook Groups are a great way to get your admits engaging with you and with each other from the moment they’re admitted. Students who join the group are likely to yield at a very high rate as well so membership becomes one more piece of predictive data for you to utilize. If you haven’t already, set up the group (make it specific to an incoming class) and start getting the word out. You can do that through your other social channels, emails, on-campus events, and we’d even suggest including a recommendation to join in your admit letter.

Track Membership

Make sure you track admits who join the group in your CRM or SIS. That will enable you to report on the data going forward as well as to use it for transactional purposes like targeting communications based on group membership. For example, if you find (as you likely will) that joining the group is a good indicator of enrollment, then you might want to send regular emails to your admits who haven’t joined yet encouraging them to join.

Invest Staff and Student Time

Admissions staff (and potentially others) should have a clear strategy to ensure that the group is always monitored and questions directed to staff are answered promptly. Student Ambassadors are a great resource for this as well, since prospective students will often be just as interested in meeting their future classmates as they are in getting questions answered. However, you shouldn’t feel the need to participate in every conversation. Let engagement between prospective and current students happen as long as it’s appropriate and not a source of misinformation. This is one of the most valuable benefits of the group for all parties.

Use the Search Feature

This is a hidden gem. Even with constant monitoring you are sure to miss something. Search for the group every so often for critical phrases like “Financial Aid”, “deciding between”, “can’t afford”. You’ll likely come across some great intervention opportunities that can save a good fit student from deciding not to enroll.

Pass It On

When the new semester begins, you’ll find the group continues to thrive with a life of it’s own. Make it clear to the group that the admissions office is “signing off”. You may want to keep your membership in the group active though as future prospective students will inevitably find the group and join it. You’re likely to find some invaluable student satisfaction and retention data in the groups as well as the years go on!

So go ahead and log into your Facebook account now and start engaging your admits!

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