What Facebook’s New Reaction Emojis Mean For Your Campaigns

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Many people have long pined for a Facebook “Unlike” button and Facebook has answered with the new Facebook reaction emojis pictured below.

So the question is what does this mean for advertisers and social media marketers? How will this affect how you measure engagement with your brand and success with your campaigns? The short answer is, for now, not much. Here’s what we know…

Facebook still considers these to be in “test phase” so it’s very possible that there is a lot more to come on this front. For now, the benefit for marketers and advertisers is that more enhanced ability to engage should hopefully translate to more engagement. In terms of how this affects measurement of that engagement there are a couple things to be aware of.

For Now They’re All Just Likes
When you look at data for your ad campaigns, despite the fact that people may engage by telling you they “Love” your post, or it made them say “Wow”, or even that it made them “Angry”, they’ll all show up in your “Like” count. And “Loves” don’t count any more than “Likes”. In other words, if you share a post about what a great open house event you held over the weekend and one person “Likes” it, one person “Loves” it, and one person is “Sad” because they didn’t get to the cafeteria before the chicken fingers and fries ran out, that will show up in your report as, you guessed it – 3 “Likes”.

Engagement = Positive. Period.
We’re not saying that’s the case necessarily but you’ll need to be aware that from a sentiment standpoint, that’s the way Facebook is handling this for now. If you’re monitoring positive and negative feedback on your brand, page, or campaigns, note that since all reactions are “Likes”, all will count as positive feedback.

To see the little bit of documentation Facebook has on all of this so far check out https://www.facebook.com/business/help/628902713913864.

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