Your Enrollment Challenges

Campus Share’s foundation is our experience across higher education administrative functions and our understanding of the importance of integrated enrollment management, marketing, and communications strategies. So we understand your enrollment challenges. From student search to enrollment yield, student retention, and even alumni engagement our experts can help.

Enrollment Analysis

Campus Share Enrollment Management experts can help you…

  • Understand Key Enrollment Trends
  • Research New Student Markets and Opportunities
  • Develop Predictive Enrollment Models and Financial Aid Models
  • Analyze Marketing and Communication Efforts
  • Understand ROI For Social Data and Tie Social Media Engagement To Enrollment
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Student Recruitment

Campus Share can help you develop strategies to recruit undergraduate, graduate and adult students.  We understand the different decision factors and influences for each student group and have developed effective strategies that speak to each group’s unique needs.

Recruitment services include…

  • Strategy Consulting
  • Lead Qualification
  • Admissions Counselor Training
  • Recruitment Communication Strategy and Execution
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Enrollment Communications

A solid prospect communication plan is a key step to dealing with enrollment challenges. From developing and analyzing your enrollment communication plan to full service execution and fulfillment, Campus Share has your needs covered. The best part is that we won’t just stick you with new costly technology solutions and no resources to make them work; we’ll help you execute meaningful campaigns and make use of the technology you have already invested in. Our enrollment experts are familiar with many of the popular CRM, ERP, and Email solutions colleges use and we can help you get more out of your systems.

  • Communication Plan Development, Management, and Analysis
  • Brochure and Viewbook Design and Development
  • Search Campaigns
  • Event and Miscellaneous Postcard Campaigns
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing and Engagement
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Social Media ROI

When it comes to social media engagement, Campus Share can really help your institution shine. We’ll make sure your social media presence has a documented strategy with clear goals and objectives. We’ll help you capitalize on the uniqueness of each social platform to engage your target audience in meaningful ways. And Campus Share’s social media approach, like everything else, is data driven. Our iterative analytic process will ensure that your social following is relevant and your campaign reach and engagement levels consistently meet and exceed your goals.

  • Full Service Social Media Management
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Profile Design
  • Organic and Paid Campaign Management
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Campus Visit

We know that for undergraduate students the on campus experience is often one of the most important factors in selecting an institution. And we know how important it is to you to create an exceptional visit program that separates you from other institutions. Our blend of new media and proven traditional strategies will help do just that.

    • Campus Visit Program Analysis and Consulting
    •  Event and Visit Communication Campaigns
    • Campus Visit Social Media Strategies
    • Campus Auras (Augmented Reality)
    • Gamified Campus Experiences
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Alumni Engagement

Engaging alumni in a lifelong relationship with your institution is critical and finding the appropriate medium to do so across so many generations of alumni is a significant challenge. Campus Share’s new media strategies can help target the diverse bio/demo segments of your alumni audience in powerful ways.

  • Mobile Apps For Alumni
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Print Marketing
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