Social Recruitment


Stetson University wanted to expand on their already comprehensive social media outreach to prospective students. They also wanted to gain a better understanding of the effectiveness of their ongoing efforts. So, working in close collaboration with Stetson University’s Director of Digital Media, Campus Share conducted an assessment of the University’s social media strategies. After identifying the strengths and opportunities of existing social outreach, Campus Share implemented an ongoing Social Recruitment Plan. This has helped Stetson University engage prospective students from search to yield.


Notable results that Campus Share's Social Recruitment Plan have produced for Stetson University include…

  • Hundreds of additional inquiries from previous search non-responders at a cost of around $1 per inquiry
  • 10% increase in online Intent to Enroll Forms, many of which were measured as direct conversions from social ads
  • Close to double the social following over a recruitment cycle with most of the increase coming directly from Stetson University's prospective student suspect and prospect lists
    • Direct conversions on Intent To Enroll submissions from previous FAFSA non-filers

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