Is Your Enrollment Communication Plan Working?

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One of the most common issues we see with admissions and enrollment communications plans is a disconnect between the plan and the execution. The culprit is often faulty CRM setup or a misstep in logic in communication track planning. If your communication plan isn’t executing as it is supposed to, prospective students may not be receiving your messaging and you might be losing applicants. The good news is that identifying this issue is often as simple as submitting test inquiries on a regular basis to conduct quality control assessment. 

At Campus Share, in addition to conducting this assessment regularly for our clients, we also secret shop your peers and competitors to give you invaluable comparison data on your communications strategy. We can help you identify whether your frequency, design, and messaging content are differentiating your institution the way they should. 

If you spend as much time honing your storytelling and brand messaging as our clients do, don’t make the mistake of missing the mark in execution. Secret shop yourself regularly or contact us for a deeper dive assessment of your communication plan

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